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The NPM aggressively promotes the designed exquisite works derived from its collections and has successfully created new values for the cultural and creative industry in recent years. By now, the NPM has become one of the four major museums in the world. Therefore, the NPM plays a more aggressive and diversified role today. We not only collect, study and showcase precious cultural relics, but are also the biggest provider of cultural contents. We study the techniques and materials of various works based on profound cultural relic collections and researches in corporation with rich knowledge of traditional workmanship skills supplemented by the development and application of modern technology. As such, we are able to monitor and produce exquisite imitation works, duplicated paintings and culturally creative products for ceramic, bronze works and painting collections in different scales. The NPM’s collections cover splendid cultural elements, which are shot and turned into delicate digital images for value-added applications through various licenses and cooperation models. In cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, the NPM has introduced many museum-related publications and delicate cultural gifts designed with cultural elements and modern styles available for the personal and family collections or artwork arrangement for business exhibitions as well as the sales in museum stores. We are devoted to leading the overall development of cultural and creative industry in Taiwan.

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