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The National Palace Museum (hereafter referred to as the NPM) collection of national treasures and artifacts is the basis of the cultural and creative industry of our nation. In the recent years, the NPM has been pursuing the following goals progressively: to build a stronger brand image, to inspire Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries, to cultivate new talents in the cultural and creative industries, and to add value to the existing cultural heritage. These efforts and successful experiences have been widely recognized. On July 17, 2013, the Ministry of Culture, as the authority in the development of the cultural and creative industry, confirmed that the NPM is the central competent authority “in charge of the end enterprises concerned,” in accordance with Article 21, Paragraph 5, of the “Law for the Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries.”Based on the above-mentioned legislative mandates, the NPM promulgated the Regulations Governing the Licensing of Images and Publications of the National Palace Museum in June 2014. In October 2015, the Control Yuan requested the NPM to strengthen its regulations governing the cultural creative and value-added merchandizing of its collection. In other words, the Control Yuan recognizes the NPM’s importance and legal authority in the growth of cultural creative industries in Taiwan; it also highlights the high expectations the public has for the cultural creative developments of the NPM.

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